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Why include a viewing system to Grow Your Business?

In these difficult times you need a way to maximize your revenue. My Digital Dance Studio, powered by MyDigitalViewer, is the simplest and most secure viewing system available today. Easily enforce social distancing guidelines by having parents wait outside while their children train. There is no anonymous access to our site, or your video. You have access to the VERIFIED email address of every viewer that accesses your site. Attract and retain your Students and Parents.


Support Physical Distancing

Don’t have crowds of parents in your lobby.  Parents can drop their children off at your studio and still not miss out on the fun.  They can watch live video from the car, coffee shop or anywhere else.


You can't always be there

What better way to keep a handle things at your studio then to be able to look in live and see what is happening.  As the administrator at your site you have always-on access.

Live Video

Student learning

Not all your students can make all your classes.  With MyDigitalViewer your students can still see what the class is working on.  Better yet only give them access to the classes they are students of.



Security is our highest priority. We have built the most secure video delivery system available today, period.

Build your Email List

Our simple system does not allow anonymous viewers.  You will have the email address of every single person that has ever viewed your cameras.

High Quality Video

Depending on your connection, we can deliver up to 4K live video.


Any Device

Your video can be seen flawlessly on our Apps or on any desktop.

iOS Live Stream with Audio

You can now Broadcast live from your iPhone or iPad with Audio. This allows you to broadcast from anywhere, anytime anything you want.  Broadcast competitions back to the parents and grandparents that can’t be there.

Unlimited Viewers

While other providers limit access to 10 viewers at a time total, we offer unlimited concurrent viewers ensuring users always have instant access to see their children at any time.

Get Started Today

In many cases we can use your existing in-studio hardware. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

All plans now include our iOS Camera.  Stream live from your iPhone or iPad with Audio.

Stream live from your Dance Competitions – Private Lessons – Special Occasions.

1-4 Cameras​

$ 150 / Month
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • Scheduled Viewing
  • Never Anonymous
  • Build your Email List
  • Recording Included
  • Includes iOS Camera

5-8 Cameras

$ 250 / Month
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • Scheduled Viewing
  • Never Anonymous
  • Build you Email List
  • Recording Included
  • Includes iOS Camera

9+ Cameras

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My Digital Dance Studio

At My Digital Dance Studio, we create state-of-the-art, secure communication tools that enhance the experience of your members.

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